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  Emotional intelligence
(incl. self-awareness, confidence, motivation)

What truly distinguishes a true professional leader from a mediocre is their level of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is not about being soft but being smart in using your emotions to make choices, having control over yourself and how you impact others.

    A good college work ethic will help students to prepare for a good work place ethic. Here are few things listed that are being asked to do in college which apparently benefit you at your work place-
    Emotional intelligence is generally about how an individual manage themselves and others, how to make decisions and how to maximize their performance. Being able to manage your emotions without allowing yourself to become paralyzed by depression or worry or anger, is key in today’s volatile workplace.
    There are multiple examples in the work place that command high emotional intelligence like a colleague who steals your idea and discusses it publicly as if it were their own, the impact of a poor work review etc. The social relations of an individual get better with higher emotional intelligence.
  Self- awareness is the most important emotional competence- knowing one's internal states and intuitions. No one is perfect, everyone have their quirks and unique personalities
  Self-awareness makes us better people because-
  Ability to see when we are wrong or when we have made a mistake allows us to see other people’s perspectives and to be empathetic to their situation or their feelings
  It is easier to accept others faults, when you can see your owns.
  Ability to see other people’s viewpoints, to be open and flexible makes you a more attractive person
  We can make positive changes to improve upon flaws if we can acknowledge them
  Self awareness is one of the best and most valuable qualities one can have which gives you the ability to be open, thoughtful and aware of how you impact others.
  Motivationis an achievement drive to strive to meet a standard of excellence. You need to be at your best to succeed in the workplace and you can only truly be at your best when you are motivated to work. Everything can seamlessly fall in place with a proper inner drive.
  Motivation has been shown to have a direct impact on psychological well-being. For students entering the workforce, well-being is of paramount importance as they make this life-changing transition. Consider the following points-
  Focus on long term growth- Whatever your current position may be there is always some other position that you can work towards and this can be one of the best ways to motivate yourself at work.
  Positive talk-Try to surround yourself with like-minded people who enjoy their work and this will guaranty you to be in a frame of mind always where your motivation is pristine
  Compete with your peers-You should always strive to perform better than everyone else around. Things such as being more professional, quicker at answering and resolving issues these are ways to compete within your own mind with your coworkers in a way to motivate yourself so as to increase the quality of your output or work
  Personal pride- There is always a reason why you are doing it? Focus on that reason and it might make a joyful, pleasant experience. At the end of day after working for 8+ hours you should be proud of what you have accomplished during that day
    Without self-confidence, a person will always be walking on a thin line, lacking ability to make his own judgment with regards to personal as well as business decisions. Depending on how a person would visualize himself in a given situation accordingly careers are built
    Talent can never be put to good use when one allows fear to rule over his self-confidence hence the need for being sure about ones self through self-confidence is a must.
    In addition to being confident in yourself, have confidence in the colleagues and the company you are going to work for.
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