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Relevant extracurricular activities outside the academic course can create a great advantage making you stand out from other applicants. These activities provide students to link their academic knowledge with practical experience resulting in better understanding of their own abilities and career goals.

    Undergraduates at university have always been involved in extra curricular activities, but now they should use these activities to gain marketable skills. By creating student run organizations, undergrads should start teaching themselves management skills that can be hard to come by at this tender age. Beyond a degree, extra qualifications will give a prospective employee a good scope, especially if they are looking for work in the major companies.
These extra curricular activities may not directly get a job that a student intends to get after college instead they can act as a ticket to a desired job as such activities help students make connections with different people, improve your social skills and technical abilities.
When you're involved in extracurricular activities, you will not only get that experience but also get the chance to meet different people through this process. These days companies care about who you know instead of what you know, because employers want to make sure they hire the candidates who have the ability to communicate and will not harm their reputation by lacking it.
Extracurricular activities show that you have time management skills because you were able to balance a number of different things. It's impressive if you can prove that you are able to handle more than one task at a time rather than just using all your time to focus on one particular thing.
    Over all, good grades can fetch you scholarships and gives a moment to put on your graduation gown that shows you graduated with honors which is quite an achievement but knowing people and having developed social skills, along with having a valuable work ethic, helps in the long run.
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