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Globalization has increased competition- it has made the business more volatile, than ever before. So many companies have concluded that they need employees who can thrive in an ever-changing environment.

    Recruiters want candidates to demonstrate that they can adapt to the changing circumstances and take on board new ideas and concepts.  They want people who respond positively to changes and to new ways of working. Applicants who can thrive in a culture of change and can be flexible in the way they work and think are being hired.
    Students should develop Intellectual flexibility i.e. to keep an open mind is important, being receptive particularly to change and creativity.
    Any Applicant has to prove to an employer that they can –
Adapt quickly and easily to change and new ways of working.
Make suggestions for the effectiveness of changes.
Zeal to learn new methods, procedures, or techniques
Shift your priorities according to the demands of a situation
Maintain a positive attitude
    If you are able to adapt to unfamiliar situations then you are obviously going to make a better impression on your employer. In addition, if you are flexible with respect to the working hours and the tasks which you undertake, you will make yourself indispensable to the Organization.
    In order to get on in your career, one has to take on a variety of different roles. If you fail to adapt to being in a position where one has to take decisions, you may simply end up making mistakes that may even lead to demotion. On the other hand flexibility can also come in handy for your career. You have to know when to put your career first and to take on responsibilities and to put in longer hours than usual. Hence adaptability and flexibility are useful attributes for the employees to have in the workplace, as they benefit the company you work for and also prove useful in helping you in your career as well.
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  I went to Ireland at
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even then I managed
to secure a part-time
job. NCI is one of the
top most (University)
in Ireland. All 10 of us
in MIT got internship.
Nirmesh Patel