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A complete education should involve more than simply developing the intellect I.e. to include a devotion to integrity as well. Lack of integrity is the core reason behind most of the disasters and frauds in an organization. When working for an Enterprise employees think of whether they can trust on what you say and what you do. It is therefore responsibility of every individual to use their own sense of honesty and integrity when working with others within the scope of their job.

    It does not matter whether you are a peon or any higher official, living with workplace integrity will make a difference in your professional development and this automatically enhances the overall company culture. Consider an example where client says I will call you tomorrow and the call never comes.  There may be justification for not making the call but that person is out of integrity in the workplace and this happens many a times in the corporate world.
    Building Integrity is about being honest, successful and high quality self. Here are some points about building integrity to get you thinking:
A clean attitude - When we are confident and comfortable within ourselves we have no reason to act with arrogance. Build your confidence and clean up your language and communication skills.
Honor your working hours - You are there to get a job done, not to waste time surfing social networks, talk to friends etc.
Temper Control - Your temper is often the quality by which others will judge you and one bad aggressive outburst will lose the respect of many people in your life. One has to manage their temper If they want to be the kind of person who gains respect through the success.
Be truthful - If Managers feel as though you are not open and truthful, they are less likely to have confidence in you and promote you.
Be Yourself - Your Best Self - By striving to be yourself and achieve our best "self" helps illuminate our individual attributes and helps earn praise and respect in the society.
Confidentiality - Keep workplace secrets to yourself such as client & employee information and un-coming company changes.
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  I went to Ireland at
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even then I managed
to secure a part-time
job. NCI is one of the
top most (University)
in Ireland. All 10 of us
in MIT got internship.
Nirmesh Patel