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Graduates are academically proficient but they lack in soft skills such as listening, verbal and written communication. Companies practically weep over graduates poor skills in writing. The world of work is based on relationships with people i.e. they have to be able to communicate in different ways.

    These days Communication has become an important facet of life. Getting across the point effectively is what matters while dealing with the clients, working with a team or writing a report etc. The bottom line of considering communication important is for a good communicator, there‘ll always be a better chances of success. It’s easy to persuade and influence people, negotiate and can make interesting conversation conveying your ideas over a wider network of people etc.
    Basically communication has two parts-
  The first is how effectively one can convey their message to the listener.
  The second is how well the listener receives the message.
    The communication may not be successful if there’s any misunderstanding, misinterpretation or confusion. There is no other way to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings without communication.
    The success of any enterprise in today's fast paced life depends on the ability to communicate, which means effective communication holds the key. The ability to use the right tools to communicate the information at the right time helps people to work towards success. In the current globalization scenario, most of the multi-national Companies, Information Technology Industry, institutions, Union and State Public Service Commission are in search for the candidates having the ability to communicate effectively. For a youngster aiming for a bright career, these skills are as important as his/her technical qualifications.
    Poor communication is an important issue that should be overcome especially at workplace. This poor communication may occur in written, telephonic and face to face communication. For example, consider emails, if the message is unclear email may go unanswered. Within an organization when a supervisor writes a mail with a non-specific subject line such as “meeting” to his subordinate employee, the recipient may not understand which meeting it is about as he may have more than one meeting to attend.
    Interpersonal skills generally referred as social skills are a set of skills that people use when interacting and communicating with one another. Whether in business or pleasure developing interpersonal relationships remains critical to successful interactions with family, colleagues, and all people in any situation. Simply speaking Interpersonal relationships are comprised of how one relates to other.
    Good interpersonal skills are like invisible glue which binds relationships together. Organizations are placing emphasis on these skills in addition to the traditional hard skills such as professional proficiency.
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