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  Knowledge of business basics

The world of business is filled with tricks and diplomacy. Graduates are therefore expected to have knowledge of business functions. After all, they are getting ready for the corporate world. They have to completely transform themselves into a professional being

    Business basics are employer’s requirement to fit in on the job they offer. The applicant should have a good business insight or so-called commercial awareness. Employers always seek applicants who are competitive and reliable in business aspects i.e., candidates who have enough awareness about the goals and objectives of the business as a whole are considered.
    Before you jump into the world of business or entrepreneurship, it's worth considering whether you have the necessary business skills because most of the IT companies ensure their new employees to have some basic business acumen
    Therefore it is necessary for an individual to understand the business functions that companies have.
    You need to be fully equipped with certain skills as there are vultures lurking around threatening your efforts in this business world. If one wants to succeed they have to develop few business skills because they will help you survive and prosper.
    New graduates can program, but do they have knowledge on accounts receivables, logistics and operations, or marketing plans? Probably not, but recruiters have developed strategies to ensure that their new employees have some basic business acumen. New hires who don't have sufficient business knowledge should concentrate on the following-
Develop general knowledge of how business operates.
You need to understand basic business etiquette so that you will know how to act in business
Ability to network with your peers, managers, mentors etc
Learn how to cope with deadlines, interruptions, investigate and solve problems
Learn to maintain discipline, taking personal responsibilities, setting priorities and managing work/goals
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