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Employers have ranked work ethic as one of the attributes they most want in new hires. A good work ethic and attitude to work will get a graduate their job rather than skills. Most college students face the reality of the world of work after they graduate.

Employees value people who possess a willingness to work hard. Graduates should learn the most efficient way to complete the given tasks. It’s also important to maintain a positive attitude and complete all projects. Candidates should develop work ethics which determines how an individual relates to occupational responsibilities such as timeliness, goal-setting, accountability, task completion, reliability, cooperation, effort, determination, volunteerism, dedication etc. Therefore, students should be able to equate some of the college experiences to their future work life, thus they will not only experience success in college but also be well prepared for the future.
    A good college work ethic will help students to prepare for a good work place ethic. Here are few things listed that are being asked to do in college which apparently benefit you at your work place-
    Attendance is important - In a college if a student expects a good grade then showing up for class is important. Similarly students need to remember that if they expect to get a good pay then they are supposed to show up for work every day.
    Being on time matters - Graduates should try to get to work on time as they used to get to class on time.
    Deadlines matter - Students need to remember that cannot ask an employer for an extra day or week on a project.  Hence students should inculcate a habit of getting assignments and projects in on time in college.
    Employees are accountable for themselves and their work - Employees who do not accept responsibility for their actions will not get far. Graduates who accept their responsibility and are accountable will be appreciated.
    Employees may not have second chances always - Asking an employer for a chance to work or try again on a project rarely works. Hence students need to make a habit to do their best work the very first time itself.
    Employees are evaluated on results - In work places though employers often appreciate the effort that an employee puts into his work, it is ultimately the results that matter. Students should not expect a good grade just because they worked or studied hard on something, finally results are what that counts.

Thus making students understand that many things that they face in college are good practice for the situations that they will be going to face in the workplace is important.
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